"The Rapist Is You": The Chilean Protest Song Against Gender Violence That Sparked a Global Movement

In the beginning of 2019, a protest song became polemic in Santiago, Chile. The song touches delicate topics such as: rape, patriarchy, violence, femicides, the oppressive state, among others. The performance consists of the song accompanied by a series of strong movements and the people performing it (mostly women) are blindfolded. 


This protest later became viral in social media, and started to spread all around the world. The performance of the song became a global flash-mob, uniting and bringing people from every country to the streets, in order to speak their minds loudly. 

“In Chile, around 40 cases of sexual abuse are reported everyday, and only 8% of all reported rapes result in conviction.” “In Spain, 2019 was the worst year for gender violence deaths since 2015.” According to UN data, “a third of all girls and women suffer physical or

sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.” And there are thousands of these examples all around the world, because violence against women is a global problem.

This flash-mob states the failure of the judicial system. The physical integrity of women is not being protected and neither are their rights. This movement purpose is to raise awareness about the culture of violence in our society. In a matter of weeks the message of the protest spread from South America to Europe to even India: Bogotá, Lima, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan. 

The flash-mob can be performed anywhere and everyone is invited to participate, the lyrics were even translated to English, making this movement a worldwide protest. “The rapist is you ” protest movement reflects unity, strength, support but most of all it reflects a voice for every woman out  there in need of help. It is a global calling for change. 

Source: https://www.lifegate.com/people/news/the-rapist-is-you-un-violador-en-tu-camino



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