Reflection: It Happens in Our Community Too

A news article by “Mexico Daily News” posted on November 19th 2019 titled “Mexico City man arrested after Canadian woman beaten in her Tulum hotel” tells a tragic but true story. Normally, I will glance over the news in the morning and to my horror I noticed this article about the brutal rape of a Canadian women. Lexie York was staying her first night alone at Tulum’s Grand Bahia Principe resort when she went down to the hotel lobby. There she met a Mexican couple also staying at that resort who she became friends with. Later that night she received a knock on her room’s door. After looking through the peep hole she recognized the husband, now identified formally as the 34-year-old chauffeur Ricardo S. P. She opened the door to a seemly safe person that ended up entering, beating her and sexually assaulting her. York awoke, sought help and was immediately transported to a local hospital. She was reported to be recovering and at least Ricardo has been arrested, a consequence that doesn’t usually happen most of the time.


Evidently, the news stands out to me because like many other women, we don’t want to accept the truth. Violence against women doesn’t just take place “somewhere in the world”; it takes place in our very own community. Only last year, victims’ groups assured that there were over half a million rape cases in Mexico. This being said, lately as a woman I have felt vulnerable and always needed to “watch my back”. A scenario similar to York’s could tragically happen to any
of us. You never come to imagine that a person presumed your “friend” could do this. Although the news article was hard to read and even harder to comprehend, after asking my fellow classmates, no one had heard the news. I believe in the importance of transparency and it is time, although extremely sad, that we begin to speak more factual about related women’s issues.

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