The CancunMUN Experience

CancunMUN is the most prestigious Model United Conference in Southeast Mexico. Five of my classmates and I were lucky enough to attend as delegates. A Model United Nations conference is one in which students from all over the world take the role of an international delegate of any given country. These delegations join various committees in order to debate current worldwide issues, with the purpose of finding viable solutions, much like how the real United Nations committees operate.  In my case I was representing the delegation of Mongolia in the General Assembly. The conference took place at the International American School of Cancun during the 7th, 8th and 9th of November this year. 


We arrived in Cancun Thursday afternoon to be welcomed in the opening ceremony. It consisted of a presentation of the headmistress of the school, the high committee and chiefs. We also had the honor to hear a speech by a woman working for UNAM, researching the environmental impact humans are making on the reef offshore of Puerto Morelos. We saw a video of the past conferences too, which sparked excitement into us all. As the afternoon went on and the opening ceremony was over, we were sent off to our assigned committee classrooms where the first session began. 


It was a rocky road at first since it took more than a second to get used to the formal proceedings. But, once you understood better the way it all worked it was fairly simple and fun. In my committee we debated two issues. The first was “Human Organ Trafficking” and the second was “Equitable Access to Safe Drinking Water”. The objective of the conference is to teach high school students how modern international politics and global policies are created and enforced, in essence, how the world operates today. The second day consisted of six sessions, multiple fifteen minute coffee breaks and a longer lunch break. During this day, my committee was able to come to a solution to our first topic. We divided the issue into three solutions: short-term solutions for undeveloped countries, mid-term solutions for developing nations and long term proposals for first world leaders. Some examples would be: a background check into all doctors, a better structured healthcare system and the improvement on 3D printing technology.


The third day was mainly used to accept all the other committees’ drafts. After officially closing the conference, we proceeded to the “Chafi” awards, where our own organ voted on the winners of smaller acknowledgments, best dressed and so on. Finally, everyone came together again in the auditorium for the closing ceremony. I have to mention that my classmate Nicolás Velasco won an honorable mention for Best Delegate in his committee, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).  The conference taught me that leadership skills, tolerance, and teamwork, skills are vital for the healthy development of one's self and one's relationship with the world. I believe it is essential for today’s youth to know how everything works at an international level, as we will be the next world leaders.

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