In 1999, Hugo Chavez, former president of the country, promised to fix income inequality in the nation by giving to the poor and got unconditional support. Soon, Chavez introduced a new constitution, harshly regulated the media and threatened his political opponents. A...

What is a refugee camp?

A refugee camp is a temporary settlement built in order to receive refugees or people in refugee-like situations (“Refugee camp,” n.d.). These camps usually accommodate displaced persons who have fled their home country for several reasons: pover...

A vast majority of us live a life full of commodities in the country that we call home, and thankfully, we cannot picture a life in which water and food are scarce or nonexistent as this is something us humans are entitled to in our lives. Sadly,  this is not a reality...

Myanmar is a country that contains more than a hundred different ethnic groups, the predominant religion is the Buddhism. It has borders with Bangladesh, China, Thailand and Laos, it is also very famous for having many lakes and parks(BBC News,2018). Recently Myanmar i...

For the longest time, Mexico has had problems in its border with Central America. It has prevented hundreds of thousands of Central Americans from traveling north, deporting many more than the United States, while granting refugee status to thousands of them. For Mexic...

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